New Year, Better Me

Tuesday, December 27, 2016



I think we all get annoyed from end of December until the end of January with countless social media posts all saying the same thing… “NEW YEAR… NEW ME”. Then each person that made that statement at the beginning of the year, in some way or fashion goes back to the old them three to four months later.

For the past several years, I came to the conclusion that my only goal was to make each year better than the last. Whether that be by building myself up mentally, emotionally, or spiritually or to allow myself to have new experiences. The goal is to see different things in life than the same mundane routine lifestyle or to continue to repeat the same actions, thus never growing as a person. You ever look at certain people and just find it embarrassing that they might have grown in age, but still do the same things they did as a child?? Yet they are the main ones with the continuous self-proclamations that they are GROWN. Continue reading “New Year, Better Me”

My Realization that Fear and Rejection can Cripple You

Wednesday, November  16, 2016

Hey MRGs,

Fear and the thought of rejection has played a major role for several decisions I made in my life- some for the good and some for the bad.. But I never paid attention to how much it changed me until my sister (who I affectionately call my mini-me) came to me one day and told me that she was running for a certain position at her school, but backed out last-minute for fear that she wouldn’t win and she wouldn’t want that rejection in her life.

If you would ever meet this girl you would never think she had those feelings.. She’s the most fearless and funny girl her age that I know… And my mini-me because that girl is absolutely following my footsteps in being a great overachiever in school from great grades (we expect nothing less), leader of various clubs, etc. She’s always been the outspoken one.. Don’t get me wrong I can speak my mind too, but I will be reserved a lot longer than she would before telling you what’s on my mind. I never thought I would see myself having to give her the pep talk about not allowing fear and rejection to consume her from pursuing new ventures in life. Continue reading “My Realization that Fear and Rejection can Cripple You”

18 Things Every Brown Girl Should Know and Have by 18

18 Things Every Brown Girl Should Know and Have by 18

Monday August 15, 2016


Hey MRG’s,

So a few years ago I read this article by Essence called 30 Things Every Black Woman Should Have and Know by 30. Periodically I pull out my list (since I printed it off for keepsakes) so that I can continuously evaluate myself. Not that this list is the end all and know all of where I should be by the time that I am 30–God am I dreading that day somewhat– but it had great points that we as girls and women of color don’t tap into accomplishing for ourselves early on… But I had a list of my own personal notes from the list that I do have and I did it well before 30… And ironically IT HELPS!! Continue reading “18 Things Every Brown Girl Should Know and Have by 18”

Honorary Book to Read

Wednesday, October 5, 2016



The Skin I’m In is a realistic fiction novel written by Sharon G. Flake. It depicts the story of seventh grader Maleeka Madison who has low self-esteem because of her dark skin color. Thirteen-year-old Maleeka Madison is tall, skinny, and dark-skinned. That’s a problem for her, because it’s for some reason such a problem for everyone else at school, it seems. To combat the taunting, Maleeka befriends the toughest girl in school. Only bullies force you to pay more than you’d like, so life for Maleeka just gets harder, until she learns to stand up for herself and love the skin she’s in.

This story is great to embrace the beauty we all have no matter our complexion or size because there is always someone who will make one feel negative about a feature of themselves. This book develops one to have self-love for it is the important factor of accepting our beauty no matter what others may think.

Your Best Assets- AREN’T Physical

Your Best Assets- AREN’T Physical

Friday, August 5, 2016


So everyone has a smart phone and everyone has social media.. But who was the person that said majority of the pictures that our beautiful young women take have to include them being half clothed or turned with their backside toward the camera??? Was there an epidemic and we all missed it? That is not the only way to gain attention. Today’s industries make females believe that the only things that makes money is sex (or one’s sex appeal). Young ladies that is entirely NOT TRUE!!!! Stop feeding into the lies and think! Continue reading “Your Best Assets- AREN’T Physical”

First blog post: ‘Your Beauty is Enough’

First blog post: ‘Your Beauty is Enough’

Monday, July 18, 2016

Recently, I had a discussion with a young girl and her mother who told me that her daughter always scratched her face out of social media posts and doesn’t see her true beauty. It made me think of a time when I hated parts of my body or wished I had this feature compared to someone else.  It took me years to realize that comparisons are not what we need to deem ourselves beautiful. Tell yourself that you are the best version of you every single day and accept you for who you are- flaws and all.
So many times there are horror stories of surgeries gone wrong or deaths from plastic surgery all because that young female didn’t look at herself and was happy with who she was on the inside.
Continue reading “First blog post: ‘Your Beauty is Enough’”