5 Products in a Drugstore Brown Girls Should Try

5 Products in a Drugstore Brown Girls Should Try

Monday, October 24, 2016


For as long as I can remember, I had somewhat problematic skin. Not horrible but subconsciously always did its own thing… Sickening when your skin has a mind of its own. Over the years though there’s been a learning process in my family on what has helped to keep skin looking healthy.

Aside from drinking plenty water, (which is imperative to keeping your skin with a youthful glow) there are a few key items that we use in my family which has not only proven to be successful, but also been cost-effective seeing as how they can be found at any local drugstore. Let me explain to y’all… We have tried some of everything- from  high-end, expensive products, to every homemade remedy that we know. But please trust and believe WE ARE FRUGAL… So Brown Girls WE GOT YA!! These products at most costs about $20 and it’s only because of the size of the bottle… Mini me and I may get in trouble for letting the cat out the bag but oh well.

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Natural Slay or Makeup Day

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The makeup business is the latest craze and daringly so we all can see why.There are some amazingly talented MUAs out there who deserve their credit for the work they do. Kudos to them honestly… BUT does this new fad make you think that as a teen you absolutely NEED makeup?? Continue reading “Natural Slay or Makeup Day”