Your Best Assets- AREN’T Physical

Friday, August 5, 2016


So everyone has a smart phone and everyone has social media.. But who was the person that said majority of the pictures that our beautiful young women take have to include them being half clothed or turned with their backside toward the camera??? Was there an epidemic and we all missed it? That is not the only way to gain attention. Today’s industries make females believe that the only things that makes money is sex (or one’s sex appeal). Young ladies that is entirely NOT TRUE!!!! Stop feeding into the lies and think!

Just think for a second. Some of the most regal and poised women of color to be highly acclimated for their beauty have never had to be half-dressed for a photo shoot, take a selfie with cut off shorts, or turn around for their butt to face the camera. So when did we lose respect for ourselves to allow society to coerce us into believing that we did?? Phylicia Rashad, Coretta Scott-King, Dorothy Dandridge are just a few examples of the most graceful and beautiful women of color who are well-respected for their craft and beauty and did so with ALL of their clothes on.. This taught me a valuable lesson growing up- I can be beautiful with clothes AND my best assets of my self were NOT my physical body parts. Your breasts, thighs, round butts do not have to be on display for ones to see your true beauty.

Granted, brown girls no matter the nationality, are some of the gorgeous specimens created. We are beautiful from our high cheek bones, to oval-shaped eyes, full lips, and shapely figures. And that old saying goes “if you’ve got it, flaunt it.” Yet modesty is something that gets thousands of likes on social media as well. My mother ‘Rose’ always told me to ‘leave more to the imagination’. The whole world doesn’t deserve to see your goodies. Treat your body as a temple, one of high value and worth, not one that you are giving away at a discount. When you put yourself at a high valued worth, others will have to fall in suit. Know that being classy and modest or labeled as a “classy female” doesn’t go out of style. It’s okay to respect yourself and make others value your worth as much as you should.

‘leave more to the imagination’. The whole world doesn’t deserve to see your goodies. Treat your body as a temple, one of high value and worth, not one that you are giving away at a discount.

Maybe it’s my opinion or just the way that I’ve been raised, but I don’t know that many average men that are going to marry a woman who displays her assets to the world and has nothing left to offer. Most like a woman with an amazing personality, character, ambitions/goals, strong-willed, family oriented, and able to be supportive OUTSIDE of being physically beautiful and have shapely bodies. We have to focus on our inner beauty just as much or even more that our outer beauty. Focus on being tasteful, especially while young.

I guess you’re going to say that that’s the majority of what you see from reality stars and celebrities, like Rihanna and Beyoncé. Yet those examples of women have a few issues to them- Beyoncé is not the average female and she does know when to portray herself as a poised and graceful female. Most other celebrities and reality stars aren’t in committed relationships neither are they respected for their talents…Plus these women don’t have to think about their future careers and what their current decisions could have as a consequence on their future. Remember that. Life is not just for the moment. At times we do have to think ahead.

Hopefully, I don’t receive much bashing for my thoughts. Yet, I think it’s imperative that our beautiful young women learn to respect their bodies while they’re young and wait to make certain decisions when they are older, learn to gain respect, value their body as a temple, and KNOW OUR WORTH…

As I said before, others (especially boys) will follow suit if you respect yourself and your body and learn that the best assets that you have aren’t physical!!!




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