About MRG

‘Mahogany Rose Girl’ is the blog directed towards girls of all shades of brown, no matter the nationality, to serve as an outlet and guide to becoming the best version of a woman they can be.

“Mahogany” was a deemed term of endearment not only for its connotation to the incredible movie starring Diana Ross but to depict the color brown. “Rose” was implemented for two reasons: The first being that it is a nickname for my mother who is the epitome to me of a great woman that I strive to become and also because out of all the flowers a rose is always potrayed as delicate, signifying love and beauty. This is what every girl should desire to be especially women of color where the lines of uplifting are dwindling on a regular basis.

This site was created because years ago I became a big sister and wanted to teach her based on all the things I have learned and still learning daily, plus to give girls an outlook that life builds knowledge, respect, strength, and self-love. Some of the things that are lessons that we don’t have to learn the hard way, but to have someone that can teach of life lessons before we experience the heartache that experimenting with life gives.

Together we are coming to shed light to you on experiences that you’ll have and being the best version of an MRG that you can be from an older and younger perspective.

This site young ladies is the site for you- to grow, to achieve a dignified idea of womanhood and share your growth together. This site is to help you embrace the new changes your life will see between the ages of 12-18 and even on into adulthood and to enlighten you on how the past can greatly and brilliantly enhance your budding futures!!!

In the words of a song from illustrious Queen Aretha Franklin, that was quoted to our mother years ago: “A rose is still and always will be A ROSE”