First blog post: ‘Your Beauty is Enough’

Monday, July 18, 2016

Hey MRGs,

Recently, I had a discussion with a young girl and her mother who told me that her daughter always scratched her face out of social media posts and doesn’t see her true beauty. It made me think of a time when I hated parts of my body or wished I had this feature compared to someone else.  It took me years to realize that comparisons are not what we need to deem ourselves beautiful. Tell yourself that you are the best version of you every single day and accept you for who you are- flaws and all.
So many times there are horror stories of surgeries gone wrong or deaths from plastic surgery all because that young female didn’t look at herself and was happy with who she was on the inside.

Our beauty is not based on contouring, or the roundest “booty”, or always needing a fresh weave.Post any picture or music video from the 90s where the female has minimal makeup, soft curls of her own hair, and a t-shirt and jeans and you will see so many comments of how beautiful women were back then. Girls, IT IS OKAY TO BE YOURSELF WITHOUT EXTRAS. Love you for who you are!! My mother “Rose” always tells my sister and I that no one will love you like you do!! Love yourself first and be proud of the family quirks you got along the way. Whether it’s big lips, huge eyes, long legs etc. because more than often there’s some female that is out there wanting the same features you are trying to talk yourself to dislike… And believe me it’s all in your MIND that you’re not beautiful.
Embrace yourself everyday by saying:
1. I love me.
2. I am beautiful just the way I am.
3. My beauty is enough.

Back to the young lady I mentioned at the outset. She has long beautiful hair, nice long legs, gorgeous light brown eyes- but because she wears glasses she is self-conscious of the beauty of her face. I told her one phrase that it took me forever to learn about myself: “You are beautiful just the way you are and no one should make you feel any different.”
I was teased my entire life, felt like no one would ever like me because of what I didn’t have compared to all my friends, yet people love my personality, my smile and said I was beautiful and you know I started BELIEVING IT.




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