5 Products in a Drugstore Brown Girls Should Try

Monday, October 24, 2016


For as long as I can remember, I had somewhat problematic skin. Not horrible but subconsciously always did its own thing… Sickening when your skin has a mind of its own. Over the years though there’s been a learning process in my family on what has helped to keep skin looking healthy.

Aside from drinking plenty water, (which is imperative to keeping your skin with a youthful glow) there are a few key items that we use in my family which has not only proven to be successful, but also been cost-effective seeing as how they can be found at any local drugstore. Let me explain to y’all… We have tried some of everything- from  high-end, expensive products, to every homemade remedy that we know. But please trust and believe WE ARE FRUGAL… So Brown Girls WE GOT YA!! These products at most costs about $20 and it’s only because of the size of the bottle… Mini me and I may get in trouble for letting the cat out the bag but oh well.

  1. St. Ives Apricot Scrub®

Baby let me tell you… For $3.49 at Target this product will be your best friend. As brown girls, one of our biggest problems is that we feel as if we don’t need to exfoliate (myself included for several years). This product is necessary to get rid of the old dead skin cells so that your skin can be rejuvenated. Amazing product and very affordable. Using once a day, about 3-4 times per week this is bomb product and smells very good. I like to use this at night before bed to have that glow and skin cells feeling tight while getting the beauty rest.

2. Astringent/ Witch Hazel

Equate Sensitive Skin Astringent, 10 fl oz

Astringent and witch hazel have been staples in my family for some time now. Before the cleansers and toners of so many brands became popular, we had these. Equate® beauty Astringent for Sensitive Skin is usually about $2.50 at Walmart and T.N. Dickinson’s® Witch Hazel can be found in Walgreens for $3.99. These are great to get that extra dirt and oil out of your skin that soap at times leaves behind. And brown girls, your neck is a must with this product!!! You’d be surprised at how much dirt comes from your face to your neck from oils and makeup.

3. Philosophy Skin Care® Purity Made Simple


When I tell you I sat and wondered “Where has this product been all my life?” I am BEYOND serious. I was introduced to this product a little over a year ago (yes this is the one product that I am the only one to use in my family) by a friend of mine in Chicago (@Survivingbeauty2 on IG- she’s an uh-mazing MUA so please check her out). This product does very well in keeping skin soft and smooth, aiding to help with complexion and of course cleansing the skin. You can find this at ULTA $11 for the travel size and $24 for an 8 fl. oz bottle- this is the most expensive product that I was referring to. My skin has become so much better since I began putting this product into my skin routine.


4. Palmer’s® Cocoa Butter Products



The MUST HAVES for a brown girl!!!! Cocoa butter has been one of the must haves for a brown girl for generations and Palmer’s is one of the best (don’t dare try the imitations for your own safety and sanity- all brown girls who have used the imitation know what I mean haha… Of course I wash my face with the soap and the Skin Therapy Oil is great for evening the skin tone, clearing dark spots and softening any fine lines (if you have any because Black/brown don’t crack lol). Palmer’s® Cocoa Butter Soap can be found in Walmart for about $3 and the Skin Therapy Oil is $8.49 in Walmart as well. But ladies the Cocoa butter stick is still a favorite as well.


5. Queen Helene® Mint Julep Mask



For those moment when those annoying pimples surface, this has been great for us. This product helps to minimize the size of the face as well as tightens the skin (keep it right, keep it tight)… Over 30 years this product has been used in my family and never been a disappointment. Thanks to inflation and the economy this bad boy has gone up over the years, but the last place I was able to find this from the local drug store for about $3.99.


Years of trial and error and now I am sharing some of the family favorites. It’s important to take care of the skin and show that youthful glow that we so graciously maintain. If you try some of them, let me know your feedback and results as well.



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