Natural Slay or Makeup Day

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The makeup business is the latest craze and daringly so we all can see why.There are some amazingly talented MUAs out there who deserve their credit for the work they do. Kudos to them honestly… BUT does this new fad make you think that as a teen you absolutely NEED makeup??Recently I had this conversation with my sister about friends asking if she wears foundation nor does this to her skin… uh no! She’s not old enough in my book. Granted I get it. The beauty industry is hot and we all want to look and feel beautiful to ourselves and others. But at the age you girls are, is makeup really the answer? Can you “slay” with your natural beauty just as well as you do being ‘beat for the gawds’?
Take Gabrielle Union-Wade for instance. She is an amazingly talented actress who has to the test of time had some great looks through the years. But have any of you seen her without makeup? 40+ years old and she looks uh-maze-zing without makeup.

Far too many times, society is making you think that you have to be a certain way to be beautiful. It’s a great marketing tool to buy the latest fads. Yet honestly, it’s not needed. During my teen years the most we did was eye liner and lip gloss and  maybe get away with some eye shadow from time to time. That’s It. No foundation, no contouring, no blush, no bronzer, NOTHING. Guys still liked you the same and your true friends were going to love you regardless so who are we trying to impress at the pre-teen and teenage years??

Young beautiful ladies… YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL with or without makeup. What’s stopping you from waiting a few years before trying to look older than you are? But the news flash that most people won’t tell you.. The natural look wins a guy over ten times before a beat face will. Most guys don’t think you need the makeup. Remember Drake was referring to the time when a girl is the prettiest? It wasn’t when she was beat w with makeup. No. it was when she was:
“Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make-up on
That’s when you’re the prettiest, I hope that you don’t take it wrong”
Or remember how outrageous Nicki Minaj’s makeup used to be and then when she toned it down everyone praised her on her beauty?

I’ve had a guy literally get upset because when we met I wasn’t wearing much makeup and then I began to do so after some time. But that’s neither her nor there. At the end of the day girls, you have all the time in the world to wear foundations, BB creams, bronzers, contours, lashes, use 50 million brushes for one face, take 15-20 minutes to get your face right, plenty of– well you get my drift. But even if you choose to wear makeup, do it on special occasions but appreciate your natural beauty. There are several celebrities even pushing the natural movement as we speak- Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, and Alicia Keys– all beautiful women in the entertainment business who are taking a stand to not let society tell us how we can be beautiful.I even think back to mot 90s videos and movies where natural beauty was celebrated.

So young ladies, you can be a Gabrielle Union-Wade, a chameleon who can work a beat face, but turn heads with a fresh natural look. Keep it simple while you’re young and enjoy your youth. You can go all out and beat yourself in a few years.


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