Parents Make Too Many Rules?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ever feel as if your parents are too strict? Too many rules and chores? Why won’t they just allow you to be free? To live your own life? Let you make your own mistakes?

Parents are usually tough on their kids. Despite how you may feel they truly have your best interests at heart and only want the best for you.For years when I was growing up, I always thought my mom was too hard on me or wouldn’t give me a break. I wish she would let me do whatever I wanted like some of my other friends. Some of them coud stay out late, go to parties and I always felt left out. I rarely got to go to the skating rink with friends on the weekend, only hung out with friends whose parents she knew or trusted, and never could go anywhere without a chaperone. I always had to do chores, learn how to cook, wash my clothes and learn whatever other task there was on her list. I always wondered “Why can’t I catch a break? Why can’t I have fun too?”

What I didn’t realize until I got older was that all along my mom was preparing me for the road ahead. She was hard on me because life in this world can be cruel, and I had to have tough skin and the drive and determination to have my goals achieved on my own. I am happy that I wasn’t going out with all types of peers now because half of them are leading lives where they aren’t living up to their potential. Some are working dead-end job and they don’t see much of life outside my hometown.

Now that I am on my own with a career and my own place to live, I’m thankful that my mom instilled in me the drive to keep myself and my things clean and neat. There is nothing like going inside a clean home. Trust me because when it’s dirty PEOPLE WILL TALK ABOUT YOU!!! So keep your room clean and do it without asking so you don’t feel as if your parents are being hard on you. Little things like keeping your space clean and doing extra than what you’re told can make your parents happy which could lead to rewards on your part too when they see your efforts.

What most girls forget is that your mom and dad were once your age too. Yes, times were different and things are different now, but training you to be well equipped adults is one of the most rewarding jobs and responsibilities they have. My bond with my mother grew much stronger for the past few years because I finally had that light bulb moment. It all clicked to me that my upbringing was not a hindrance. I’m prepared for most obstacles, I know how to cut back from the “turn up” lifestyle, and to hear my mother say she’s proud of me is the greatest feeling ever.

So young sisters… Don’t look at it as if you are missing so much on life because of what your friends are doing. You are young and so much life is ahead of you. Learn to appreciate your parents wisdom in what they are trying to teach you. Take your time to learn the fundamentals of life because the rewards are great in the end!!

I’m a successful product of the Parental Rules!!



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