Attitudes and Behavior

Does my attitude have any effect on myself and those around me?”

That is a valid question to ask, especially if you or your friends hear that quite often from parents or other adults (teachers, etc) that you may have a bad attitude. Yet does that mean that it is a learned “behavior”?

Let’s begin with the definitions:

Attitude -is the the way you think and feel about someone or something

Behavior -is the way a person acts or behaves; the manner of conducting oneself

With those two words having separate meanings, you may think, “What do they have to do with each other and the issues that take place in school?”

Well your attitude can affect your behavior and the behaviors of others, for the good or bad. It affects others such as your teachers and peers.

Understandably, we all have our bad and good days when it comes to our attitude because it’s life. That doesn’t mean that we let our attitude, which leads to poor behavior, to ruin the value of an important education for ourselves and others around us. We always must think before we act in situations.

Here are 4 simple ways that can make school days easier when focusing on attitude and behavior:
-Be Prepared
-Stay Focused
-Encourage Yourself and Those Around You

  1. Smile:
    By having a nice warm smile, it can bring you the great self confidence you need to face any school day. It can also, brighten someone else’s day as well.
  2. Be Prepared:
    By being prepared you will have the right mind set for learning new things and the many different obstacles and adventures the day brings.
  3. Stay Focused:
    This allows you to make sure of the more important things at hand, which would be your education.
  4. Encourage Yourself and Those Around You:
    Encouraging yourself will help you to maintain a positive attitude.  Also, by encouraging those around you it can help them too to have a positive attitude and begin to have positive outlooks about themselves as well.

So remember, “Attitude is EVERYTHING!” Especially when it comes to having issues in YOUR educational environment.

Here is a poem by Charles Swindoll that gives motivation to keep our attitudes in check to influence our behaviors and others:


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