My Realization that Fear and Rejection can Cripple You

Wednesday, November  16, 2016

Hey MRGs,

Fear and the thought of rejection has played a major role for several decisions I made in my life- some for the good and some for the bad.. But I never paid attention to how much it changed me until my sister (who I affectionately call my mini-me) came to me one day and told me that she was running for a certain position at her school, but backed out last-minute for fear that she wouldn’t win and she wouldn’t want that rejection in her life.

If you would ever meet this girl you would never think she had those feelings.. She’s the most fearless and funny girl her age that I know… And my mini-me because that girl is absolutely following my footsteps in being a great overachiever in school from great grades (we expect nothing less), leader of various clubs, etc. She’s always been the outspoken one.. Don’t get me wrong I can speak my mind too, but I will be reserved a lot longer than she would before telling you what’s on my mind. I never thought I would see myself having to give her the pep talk about not allowing fear and rejection to consume her from pursuing new ventures in life. Continue reading “My Realization that Fear and Rejection can Cripple You”